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The Waterproof Bible (2010)

by Andrew Kaufman(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 4
0307357627 (ISBN13: 9780307357625)
Random House Canada
review 1: This story was darker and more convoluted than either of the other two books of Kaufman's that I've read. This story jumps around telling bits and pieces of several arcs which had always been one of my least favorite story telling styles. Just as I get invested in one part of the story we switch to a new viewpoint, lather, rinse, repeat. There was also the attempt to create a language and a religion both of which felt... rushed. I read and liked the book but had I started with this one I probably would have passed on any of Kaufman's other writings which would hqve bee a shame as 'All My Friends are Superheros' and 'Born Weird' were both very good... and better than this book.
review 2: The Waterproof Bible is a novel written in a humorous, modern style, and y
... moreou are surprised when it turns out to have fantastical elements in it. The main character, Rebecca, has the unfortunate ability to broadcast her feelings to everyone around her, whether she wants to or not. She becomes incapacitated when her sister dies, and her brother-in-law does not seem to care. Enter a green Honda Civic-driving alien with mother issues, and things start to get really weird! Interestingly, this book's theme is similar to that in one of my favourite movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. less
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Very vonnegut-y in the sense that it's out there, but also so applicable to your life.
Quirky and thought provoking - everything I expect from an Andrew Kaufman work.
Much preferred his other works.
Wonderfully strange!
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