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Sepolta Nel Buio (2013)

by Lisa Unger(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 2
8809777026 (ISBN13: 9788809777026)
Giunti Editore
Jones Cooper
review 1: This is a book of the Hollows, and although it stands on it's own fairly well, you really need to have read the other Hollows book to get into it. The back stories of the characters aren't really explained so it would leave you a little bit out of the loop. I do like having books set in small towns where each of those dwelling are explored in different stories, but I almost wanted more new characters to be explored. The psychic obviously had a great deal more to her and that would have been interesting. Also I thought the character of Bethany was really glossed over. If you are a writer and that's the character then why wouldn't you explore more of that side to her. All in all it was a decent read and Unger delivers her story well, but I have to say I am getting a little b... moreored with so many of her female characters making bad decisions solely based on their emotional states. They are intelligent- why aren't they using it more?
review 2: Second book in the Hollows series it includes the same characters plus a few new ones. After enjoying the first book I was really looking forward to the second. It did not disappoint. Lisa Unger creates such intricate secrets upon secrets in this small town. She creates a great story with characters who have such depth. I feel like I am living there after reading about the town and its people. I would recommend this series to anyone who loves intrigue and suspense novels. less
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Just the right amount of suspense for my taste and an interesting web of realistic characters
Disappointing. I had read one by this author I liked so tried this.
Read 10/11
good book
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