Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

This is the first book in the trilogy. It’s a really sweet and light contemporary read. I really like it and gave it five stars on Goodreads and now I am rereading this series. It’s a story about a girl named Lara Jean who lives with her two sisters and a really loving dad. Lara Jean is really shy and she has never dated anyone. But whenever she has a crush on a guy she writes him a letter and right all her feelings in the letter so she can get over him and just put it in a hat box and move on. One day, all the letters are sent out to all the boys she’ve loved before.

It’s her worst nightmare, actually no it’s a million times worse than her worst nightmare. Well, honestly if this would have ever happened to me at sixteen, I would have never left my house. But now at nineteen it’s different, it’s doesn’t seem so scary but it still is kind of embarrassing. Anyway, one thing I really want to say it that I wanted to punch Margo in her face throughout this book. Sorry, but that’s how I felt. I have an older sister too and I love her but Margo pissed me off so much at some points in the book. Oh, how much I hate it, when someone who everyone thinks is a saint or something but in reality that person is just good at keeping up a good front. Well, that’s just my feelings but I don’t hate Margo or anything and I know she is a good sister.

I did ship Lara Jean with someone I shouldn’t have. Yeah, I am guilty, like I would never want that to happen in real life but I liked Josh in the beginning a lot but he did piss me off too because he dated the wrong girl. Now that we are talking about wrong girl, why do most of the time guys start dating the wrong girl. It’s so not fare but well that’s life and things happen. Well after reading my silly thoughts don’t thing that this book is not good, I really like it. It’s so cute and I just love Lara Jean and I even love being a little pissed off at other characters, but I think as I am growing up my feelings are changing mostly because my way of relating to this book is changing but I still remember being sixteen, it wasn’t that long ago and I am glad I am not that shy anymore.

I almost forgot Lara Jean loves baking and making special scrapbooks. This sounds so much fun.

Some what ifs can be real big so don’t let yourself think few years from now what if I would have finally read that book and would have loved it instead of missing out on a good story *Dramatic sigh* Well then don’t miss out, just read it. No spoilers for this one.

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