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Whale Song (2010)

by Cheryl Kaye Tardif(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: I have never been in such a quandary as to how to review a book. I liked this book and would say it was 3 1/2 stars for me, but I wanted to love this book. In the beginning, I think I did love this book but then the story got a little confusing to me and then very rushed and condensed in the end In reading the author's comments at the end of the book and why she wrote the book, I feel like she missed her target Without giving anything away, I did not feel this the story relayed what the author wanted to say or the thought provoking moral conversation that she was hoping to introduce All in all, I did like the book and was happy that I read it
review 2: A wonderful tale of a middle school age girl whose family moves to Vancouver Island in Canada when her
... morefather takes a job studying Orca whales. This story deals with prejudice, hate, friendship, and forgiveness. I loved this book, and couldn’t put it down. I experienced so many different emotions, from anxiety, to grief and anger, to laughter and fun and awe at the Native American tales told throughout; and then shock and profound sadness as the tale twists and plummets you into heartbreak. It doesn’t end as a downer though, but with lots of hope and happiness. It is one of those books that engages your mind long after you finish it. You wonder what YOU would do in the same circumstances if you replaced one of the characters. less
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A MUST READ ... One of my FAVORITE books and I always Recommend to Others
Good read
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