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Między Tęsknotą Lata A Chłodem Zimy (2002)

by Leif G.W. Persson(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 4
Czarna Owca
Fall of the Welfare State
review 1: The book looked very good for me but unfortunately I am disappointed. It is really too long, there is too many characters and the story is moving forward very slowly. 551 pages is too much for this story, half range would be enough and the story would remain interesting. But it is obvious that the author knows the topic very well and he has something to say about secert-service and politics in Sweden.
review 2: This could have been a really good book, but there was too much going on. It took about 200 pages to realize that different investigations were going on, that it was set in the 80's. There was way too much Swedish miltary history and it really bogged down the story. Some of the characters were well developed but some went absolutley no where. This story
... morecould have been better told in alot less than 600+ pages. less
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It was just okay. Very slow reading. I have read other Persson books and ther good.
Lest på Cuba, januar/februar 2011. Får en svak 3 av 5 - ikke det helt store.
I didn't finish this one, but now having read the reviews I don't feel guilty.
Ah, the precission, the warmth and company of good and bad guys. Again-again.
I tried not to think what waste of time reading it was!
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