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Die Zahlen Der Toten (2009)

by Linda Castillo(Favorite Author)
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3596184401 (ISBN13: 9783596184408)
Kate Burkholder
review 1: Sworn to Silence takes place in Painter's Mill, Ohio, a little town in Amish Country. Painter's Mill has not experienced any violent crime for the past sixteen years when the Slaughterhouse Killer suddenly disappeared. Police Chief Kate Burkholder and her force of three rarely have more to do than chase a few cows off the main road until the night one of her officers finds a body in a snowy ditch by the side of the road. Carved in the young woman's nude body were the Roman numerals, XXIII, one of the signatures of the Slaughterhouse Killer.Kate Burkholder is scared, not just because the Slaughterhouse Killer has returned, but because of her dark and deeply hidden secret. If her past is exposed it will destroy her career and ruin her family's reputation. She was certai... moren the Slaughterhouse Killer was dead but these murders have her doubting what really happened. Linda Castillo's pace in Sworn to Silence was terrific. I found her main character a little unbelievable at times and the romantic tension between Kate and the BCI officer, John Tomasetti, a little forced. I liked the mystery being set in the Amish community and that Kate had grown up Amish. There are enough plot twists that we don't guess who the Slaughterhouse Killer is until shortly before the author reveals the name. The first few pages hooked me and it became a race to the end. It looks like it's going to be a terrific series and I plan to read them all.
review 2: Gave up halfway through the third CD. Something about the narrator was driving me nutty. I think it was the inflection of her voice - almost sing-songy, which made the male characters not so great. As for the story? I wasn't invested enough to push through the so-so narration. The heroine has an intriguing backstory but given the grisly nature of the murders (and I do mean grisly - this coming from a reader with a typically strong constitution for such things) the fact that she was keeping secrets that could directly affect the investigation, thereby saving young women from being horribly brutalized, maimed and ultimately murdered - well, let's just say I didn't think so much of her keeping secrets. Seriously - I don't care what said secret is, given what keeping that secret will cost other women (oh, like their lives - minor detail that), suck it up and spill the beans cupcake.Also all the small town politics, back-biting and the inevitable snarling that was around the corner between differing law enforcement agencies - I just wasn't motivated to keep plugging along. There wasn't anything here that was working for me, so I stopped. Moving on..... less
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Kate solves a murder in Painter's Gap.
Very suspenseful...loved it.
A respectable thriller.
Review to come...
4.5 stars
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