The flutter of a heartbeat

First official scan done and the first time I’ve seen the heartbeat!

It was the second time for Mel as she had a cheeky one the last time we were at the clinic. She was only supposed to be having a blood test to measure her HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin)* levels but the nurse decided to do a cheeky scan!

Anyway, it was pretty awesome seeing the little heartbeat flicker away. Especially because he/she hasn’t really started to take shape yet. All we can really see is a little blob on the screen but then, it’s only 6 weeks and 5 days according to the clinic.

The growth has been mental though. He/she is so much bigger than they were a week ago and on our next scan (in 2 weeks), we should see more of a baby shape taking form. Not only that, but they’ll play the heartbeat for us too!

It’s all really exciting and I honestly can’t wait for every scan now. To see him/her growing and getting stronger is amazing and I’m so proud of Mel, even at this early stage.

She’s growing a little person inside her despite all the worry about the pregnancy and jobs.

On that note – We had good news on the job front yesterday too. With only 5.5 weeks left until Tesco make us redundant, I had an email to say my pre-employment checks had been completed for the Civil Service. I should now receive a call to agree a start date!

It’s a huge weight off our shoulders, especially with the little one arriving in August.

And that’s going to come around in no time too. I mean, it’s already been nearly 7 weeks!

With only one scan left with the clinic, I kind of feel that this is where the fun starts too. Mel is registering with the GP and Midwife today so we’ll be under full NHS supervision.

I’ve always loved the NHS but I can absolutely see why people go to private clinics if they can afford to. The level of service we’ve received has been brilliant and it’s one of the friendliest health environments I’ve ever been in. Everyone remembers us and they’re all really reassuring and honest without feeling like they’re pushing you in one direction or the other.

You know what though? I’m absolutely confident that we’ll get the same level of care with the NHS too. They’ll make sure Mel has everything she needs and then when we’re home, I’ll look after her too.

Even if it means making eggy bread at 10pm!

*HCG – Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced by the placenta after implantation.

** The yolk sac – A membranous sac attached to an embryo and its nutritive material is absorbed by the embryo. Essentially, it’s feeding the baby.

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