The Most Dangerous Girl in The World

Invincible (Twixt #4) by Dawn Metcalf

Love must be stronger than fear, stronger than fate. 


The future of two worlds depends on it. 

Joy Malone has learned to live between two realities, surviving mortal threats and agonizing betrayals. And she’s found true love. But the world of the Twixt is in chaos, and the Council wants someone to blame… Facing a danger greater than any she’s ever known, Joy must find the strength to rely on herself as her allies fall away, because Joy is no longer sure just who—or what—she is. She knows only that her deepest secret is also her greatest vulnerability and the key to saving them all.

As she fights to protect her friends and family and to unite two disparate worlds, Joy has to trust that some bonds are stronger than magic.


This damn book! Invincible is the fourth and final book in the Twixt series by Dawn Metcalf. This was Dawn’s first series and she did a helluva a good job. Every time I read a book in this series it gives me a headache and a book hangover, but in a good way.

The world she built (the Twixt) is so complex, so many things happen and you have to keep track of so many people. With all of these factors you can not fathom what will happen next, who would turn on who, what new thing will happen, whose secret will be discovered and I was always terrified for Joy and the rest of the group. This is a good thing, it kept me invested in the story, in the characters. Joy was so very human in this series full of Other Thans, she made mistakes, questioned things but most of all tried to do what was right.

So much shit went down and everything became topsy-turvy. This series kinda pulls you and gives you that feeling like your in Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems, everything is fantastical and gruesome all at once, but most of all dangerous as hell. Want to guess how many times Joy’s life has been threaten in this series, I don’t even know because it happened so often. However this series was magical, dangerous, romantic and intriguing. Invincible was a perfect ending to this wondrous series. Everything fit as it should have and wrapped things up nicely although I am still confused on some parts for the whole it was a really good book, the action couldn’t have been better.

Invincible was full of action, romance, plots to overthrow a kingdom and a murder plot so large it was hard to fathom. The day was lost and saved more times than I can count but in the end all is well. I am looking forward to reading what every Dawn decides to write next.

Overall ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Advertisements Share this:
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