The Wicked Awakening of Anne Merchant – Joanna Wiebe

She did it again. I really enjoy Ms. Wiebe’s writing. The first book in this series was awesome and this one followed suit. I really like the idea of a world inhabited with demons. I mean, not like I want to take a vacation there, but I like that this author gives the demons personalities. They are evil, yes, but they have the ability to love, even if they do it in a different way. Many times YA will go The THIS ENTITY IS BAD AND THESE ARE GOOD NO QUESTIONS route, and while that has its place, I’m not super into it. I believe the world rests in a grey area and I like when books replicate that.

The only down side to this book is the love story is a little contrite. I mean, we get it, romance is a big part of her motivation, true love and whatever, but…meh.

That’s why I loved this ending. I loved that it focused on the mother daughter relationship instead of the daughter and boyfriend. That really pushed this to a five star for me.

Fictional characters who would like this book: Jasmine, Leslie Knope, Anne Perkins.

PS. It took me a while into the book to realize her reflection in the water in the cover is Gia!!!!!! Brilliant.

PPS. I want to know Gia’s story – like why doesn’t she want to go anymore, what actually happened to her, why did she give up- short story anyone?!

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