The Scorpio Races

I really was fascinated about this whole entire race. Although I was mostly lost in the book for quite some time. And that I really liked the whole water horse mythology.

I did like Kate, she really clicked with me and I could fully relate to her and understand her fully. Hence, I really did like her. Same thing with Sean.

The whole water horse thing never really got to me until the end, all I did know was that there was a race. And surprisingly, very little romance. Which I do appreciate.

Although I was quite confused at the beginning but eventually I did grow to like all the character and comfortably enough.

As for the ending, I do find it open ended. Plenty of moments where I felt for Sean and his ending, where will it end as well as a strong hinting towards the possibilities. But I fill that it was suitable.

Overall I did like this book enough although there were moments where I was confused and quite lost. But I did find the characters extremely relatable and well developed, as well as distinct.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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