Two new blogs at the League of Canadian Poets

I’ve got two blogs posted at the League of Canadian Poets’ website!

Since this is some weather for reading (snowy, chilly, beautiful, makes you wanna snuggle!), maybe take some time to have a read!

One was written in the summer…so we can remember that kind of warmth. It’s about solitude. Ahhh, yes. We writers love that!

Read the blog about solitude here!

The other is about is about kids a poetry readings – my thoughts and observations.

Read the blog about kids at poetry readings here!

If you’re interested in reading more of my blogs – well golly! Please click here for all of them!

What else are you reading these days? Do share!

I’m reading:

End of Watch by Stephen King

Good Harbour by Anita Diamant (I found this at the Goodwill Bookstore – it was heaven!)

I just finished:

Desert Kill Switch by Mark Bacon

Trailer Park Elegy by Cornelia Hoogland (poetry)

Books to read next:

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (I’ve read this masterpiece before but lent it out and it was never returned. No problem. It’s making the rounds a lovely book like this makes. In any case, I found TWO copies at the Goodwill Bookstore!! So, now I’m itching to read it again!)

Never Moor by Jessica Townsend  (I think I’ll read this with Miller!)

You should totally go to the Goodwill Bookstore to get some gift shopping done!

Can you believe it’s December 13th?!

I hope you’re having a fantastic December thus far!

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