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Eeny Meeny (2014)

by M.J. Arlidge(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
1405914874 (ISBN13: 9781405914871)
Penguin UK
Helen Grace
review 1: This book started with great potential. Short chapters. Easy to get into. Then as I got to about page 200 it really slowed down.for me, it lost its excitement , and I really didn't care anymore who was holding the 2 captive, giving them a choice of which one survived and which one would die, by going through a " who will want to survive the most" when I got nearer to the end I thought , maybe there will be a reason for the abductor (we can't really call her a killer because she as never actually killed anyone) why she actually did it! But sadly no. I hope pop goes the weasel ( which I have purchased ) is a bit more exciting.
review 2: Initially I was ambivalent about this book; it is a typical contemporary piece of crime fiction in the way it is informally wri
... moretten. It has an irritating habit of reusing the same sayings such as 'hide nor hair' amongst many others. It's not very well written and the plot is quite fantastical but I found by the last 150 pages that I actually quite liked the characters. Arlidge successfully develops the characters over the course of the story with asides about their lives but it comes very slow and by the time you feel you really know the characters the story has ended. less
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An absolutely amazing story, the best book Ives read so far this year!!!
WOW. Just WOW-DOUBLE-WOW. M.J. Arlidge, you're a mastermind.
One of the most chilling killers ever written!
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