What I Fear

Credit: Maggie Chiang

What I fear is not a faceless death, but

The thought to dissolve like million others

In this vast universe of infinite suns

To become a spark that failed to glow.

What I fear is not a simple life

But the fear of oblivion, that I will die

Like billion others without achieving the great.

What I fear is not the impending old age

But the constant terror that my youth will go wasted.

I fear being energy deprived but

What I fear more is my energy being turbulent and

Not controlled.

What I fear is not threats or danger

But the feeling of weakness in place of gallantry

To have an impact, to leave a legacy

To transcend the boundaries, to gain an identity

That’s my wish and failing to do so is

My fear…

Is this a dream of everyone

Or just a vain passion of a youth?


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