What Scares Us: Jeff’s First Fright

As I’ve shared before, of the delightful Christmas presents Michael (at My Comic Relief) got me, one of my favorites was definitely a set of four “My First Fright” essays by fellow bloggers who were willing to contribute to my series.  I unwrapped a manila folder and was thrilled to see its contents.  Here, then, is one of those accounts, from Jeff at The Imperial Talker.  Jeff’s first fright is a super-creepy story, and his blog is a way awesome collection of all things Star Wars, so I highly recommend checking it out!

  The details of the dream are etched into the back of my mind, so vivid even today that it is as though I just woke up.

I am a child. It is the middle of the night. I am being chased by…something.

I race up the narrow stairs in my childhood home and turn left, running down the dark hallway to my parents’ bedroom. If I can just reach their bedroom I will be safe, it will be my sanctuary, they will protect me from…”it.”

I run into the room and turn to shut the door behind me. I can see “it” at the other end of the hall, having just come up the stairs. It is standing there looking at me, observing me. Even though it is dark I can make out its shape, the contours and curves of its body. It starts moving towards me.

I slam the door shut but the door does not latch. I move backwards, back towards my parent’s bed but they do not wake up, they continue to sleep. I am alone.

I move backwards and as I do the door swings open. “It” stands before me, massive, towering above me.

Now it is clear to me, I know what this “thing” is, I have seen it before, not in dreams but on television, on a cartoon show. It has always bothered me, always freaked me out when I have seen it on TV. And now it stands before me. But my recognition will not save me, not here and not now. It is too late for me; the sanctuary of my parent’s bedroom has become my tomb.

It reaches for me.

I do not resist.

I wake up.

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