Winning With The Winter Wonderland Workout

I was smart enough to take some time off after Christmas this year, Modern Philosophers.

I never remember to do it, and I always regret that lapse in my memory when I’m struggling to get out of bed on the morning of December 26.

I am so glad I requested some vacation time because Maine got blasted with a foot of snow yesterday, and my body is still sore from all the shoveling I did on this very White Christmas.

Plus, I had to clear the driveway again this morning.

My other winter nemesis, the town snowplow driver, made another pass down my street in the middle of the night, and buried the end of my driveway in a mountain of snow.

I jumped over that mountain this morning on my way out on my morning run.

Much to my delight, I am still on my regular running schedule this deep into the cold and snowy season.  I was unsure if I’d still have the drive to get up early and hit the road when there was snow on the ground and the temperature was below freezing, but so far, I’ve been a real snow running bad ass.

The real test will come over the next week when temperatures are supposed to be below zero.  The way I see it, though, is even if I were to take a week off so I don’t die of frostbite, I’m still way ahead of where I was last winter.

Which, as we know, was the winter I put on so much weight that I was large enough to be used as a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I just have to make sure I get right back out there, and don’t allow a one week break to stretch into two and then longer.

Even though I’m not a fan of winter weather, I have been using it to my advantage as part of my fitness program.

Now, I go for a run and then shovel the driveway upon my return.  I call this my Winter Biathlon, and it adds thousands of steps and plenty of strength training and cardio to my workout.

Yesterday was Christmas and my day off from running, but with the shoveling part of the Winter Wonderland Workout, I was able to collect over 17,000 steps for the day.

Of course, we had a blizzard yesterday, and I shoveled a couple of extra driveways, but I also had the energy and stamina to handle all that shoveling.

Because I’m kicking ass with my winter workout.

I didn’t know what to expect with the road conditions after a storm, but the town does a good job of clearing the streets.  So, I am usually able to run along the shoulder on my usual route, but if the shoulder is still snowy and slick, I just run in the street.

Don’t worry, I run into traffic and then head over to the shoulder whenever I see a car approaching in the distance.

Sure, my runs haven’t been as long since the snow started falling, but I am sure to go at least three miles every time out.  This morning, I did four miles and then shoveled.

I don’t expect to be doing nine mile runs in the snow and frigid temperatures, though.  The great thing about the Winter Wonderland Workout is that participation is the key component.

The part of my brain responsible for health and fitness always goes into hibernation for the winter.  By simply staying active and putting miles under my belt, I am doing more than I ever do during Snow Miser’s annual reign of terror over Maine.

Yes, I did enjoy holiday treats as I always do, but Christmas is over and it’s time to eat healthy again.

Even when I was devouring all that naughty food, I was running and collecting my steps, so my indulgences did not cost me as much this year as they usually do.

So I highly recommend the Winter Wonderland Workout.  While they might have written a classic song about walking in a winter wonderland, running in it is much better for your overall health and fitness.

Throw in some shoveling, and you are on your way to a perfect beach body.

Assuming, of course, the snow eventually melts, the temperature rises again, and beach weather finally returns.

Give it a shot and let me know if you like the results.

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