Wrong Turn Right Direction by Elle Casey


After reading the first 3 books (I had to read in book order to fully understand book #3 Wrong Question, Right Answer, where I was given the opportunity to read the book for an honest review) I was not disappointed with the series and I had to read the latest release, Wrong Turn, Right Direction.

This book is focused on Thibault Delacroix. He his accidentally hit by Tamika Cleary’s car when she is trying to find a coffee shop. Not paying attention to where she is driving or where he is walking, their fate collides.

Tamika Cleary is a bookkeeper for a Russian gangster that she doesn’t like. She doesn’t really like her job either, so that is why she has decided to become a CI for the New Orleans Police Department. With the stress from her boss, job and being an informant, she has come to the conclusion that she needs to see a doctor. You can’t live on TUMS for the rest of your life.

After an unsuccessful attempt to see the detective Mika is working with at NOPD, she begins her search for a coffee shop for the unusual request by her boss. After spotting a neon sign for coffee that leads her to the run-in with Thibault.

Here is the “wrong turn” down a one way street. Despite the shouts from passerby and people looking at her in bewilderment, she doesn’t realize that she is going in the wrong direction. Having such horrible stomach pains, its difficult to concentrate on driving.

This is a pretty fast paced book from this point on. Thibault seeing the Mika is in distress, carries her to the nearest location where she can lie down. A nail salon. Only to find out that she is pregnant and ready to deliver a baby ASAP. EMT have been called, but not fast enough to deliver her baby. Which Thibault does with no sweat.

Mika does not trust anybody. She hasn’t had the best life. And meeting Thibault and his family of friends, whom she doesn’t trust either, but is between a rock and a hard place. Either go home and knowing that her boss with find her or accept the help from the Bourbon Street boys gang.

This book is full of suspense when trying to hide from a Russian gangster that has his hands in almost all kinds of activity. More than what Mika has knowledge of.

A definite must read that has drama, romance and suspense that will keep you on your toes til the end!



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