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The Upside Of Down (2011)

by Rebecca Talley(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 4
1599554542 (ISBN13: 9781599554549)
review 1: I love reading books of triumph over trials. I've read several books about Down Syndrome because I imagine that is a difficult trial for the individual and the family but I love how the common thread is, ultimately, how grateful each family member is to have this child in their family. Such a sweet story of reconciling ourselves to God's will and learning to love it! I loved the side story of the teenage daughter and accepting what happens with that as well. Very sweet!
review 2: First of all, this review is nothing against the writer. The book is well written, touching story, but I was a little put-off my the Mormon references. Not that I was offended; it just made the book a little more difficult for me to "get". Kind of the same way I felt after watch
... moreing "A Serious Man" and realizing I wasn't Jewish enough to really "get it." This kind of book is also not really my thing, but I gave it a shot. Still not my kind of book. Again, nothing against the writer. Just not my cup of tea. less
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An emotional journey that will touch your heart; primarily because any one of us could be Natalie.
great story makes you think i could not put it down
This was a sweet, well-written book.
I'm a little biased :).
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