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Fighting To Survive (2009)

by Rhiannon Frater(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 5
1440424764 (ISBN13: 9781440424762)
As the World Dies
review 1: This book is a gem of a find and it has sucked me in and wouldn't let go from the first page! I don't usually read horror stories with Zombies but Rhiannon Frater has converted me! I loved the plot, the unforgettable realistic characters and the authors writing style, her ability to manipulate my emotions and sweep me along in every moment of the story. When you find an author who can keep you equally engaged and fascinating in the quite moments of the story as well as when the action heats up then you know you've got a keeper! Katie and Jenni are now one my all time favourite heroines and I can't wait to read what happens next.
review 2: I really enjoy the writing style, story, and characters of this book. My favorite character is Nerit and she is just so aw
... moreesome. I also really liked the way this story concluded and felt very satisfied by it's ending. My biggest complaint is that there are parts that really seem unrealistic or inconsistent - that they would still have water/power for a significant length of time post apocalypse, that bitten people seem to turn into zombies exactly for the most damage (varying between minutes and days), and that they could be cementing bricks to hold out zombies as the zombies were pushing on the cement (wouldn't it need time to harden?). I did really like that this story resolved some major pieces while also keeping some things ongoing for the next one. less
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I really like this series. The dialogue is ridiculous at times but I am enjoying the story.
Not bad, a little too much into folks thoughts about totally irrelevant stuff.
Very entertaining. Can't wait for the translation of the last part ;)
review coming later... this was awesome.
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