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As You Like It (2009)

by Richard Appignanesi(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 2
0810983516 (ISBN13: 9780810983519)
Amulet Books
review 1: 'As You Like It' isn't as well spun - or as funny - as 'Much Ado' in my opinion, although there were still a good many jokes that made me grin (and others that went straight over my head. Admittedly, I do struggle with the Shakespearian text). The artwork is good; it stays true to the whole 'Manga' theme, more so than some of the others in this series (I'm am aware that there are various styles of manga art, but this one is perhaps one of the more popular types).It's an okay book but but based purely on the plot I don't know if I would read it again. I have a good mind to etch some of the more hilarious jokes into my notebook though...
review 2: I love Shakespeare, and I love manga. So naturally, I love Manga Shakespeare.What I love the most about this series,
... moreactually, is that it keeps the original Shakespearean English. And because it's made in manga format, it tends towards over-dramatization of expressions which lends the story a life that just reading it in text doesn't. The art style at times seems to get a little lazy, a little less-than-best, but it doesn't detract from the story. If you love Shakespeare, this is for you.If you love manga, this is for you.If you're trying to get someone who loves manga to love Shakespeare? This is definitely for you. It makes Shakespeare readable and accessible, and the daunting old English isn't so daunting when you have images to balance out the words and help decipher what the characters are saying. I had never read, or even knew the story of, As You Like It before I read this book. But not once did I get lost or confused. less
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The illustrations were cool but the overall story didn't excite me. I prefer the tragedy plays.
I may assign this book to students in the fall, so I shall not comment here.
Just as awesome as it sounds!
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