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Suspect Zero (2013)

by Richard Kadrey(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
0062230670 (ISBN13: 9780062230676)
Harper Voyager
review 1: I love Kadrey.I read his everything, but this one, while fun, was broadcast.It ended too fast (yeah, I know-short story, but still).I am looking forward to the next "Sandman Slim" installment.I would be interested in seeing if Kadrey wanted to flesh our "Suspect Zero" protagonist out.It has promise, but it just so feels like an outline.Read it because it is Kadrey and you KNOW you want to, but don't look for a totally satisfying ending.Namaste~
review 2: I was a little disappointed in this novella from Richard Kadrey, whose Sandman Slim novels never fail to please with fresh and surprising characters and plots that keep me guessing. Suspect Zero, from the title to the last page, was pretty dull and predictable, offering nothing new or unexpected to a seasoned r
... moreeader of this genre. The story unfolded a bit like an episode of the Twilight Zone, but since we've all seen that episode a hundred times before. there's little in the story to keep a reader interested. Perhaps the short form is not Kadrey's forte. If he had delivered a few plot surprises or even one character for whom I was able to develop any empathy, I suspect I would feel differently. Right now, I'm just counting the days until his new novel is released and I can get back to enjoying his writing again. less
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Dark story of a boy searching for a serial killer mentor.
A well-written, dark tale.recommended.
Great book. Good enough to read again.
This is the stuff of nightmares
Short and sharp
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