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Stepping On Roses, Volume 2 (2010)

by Rinko Ueda(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 5
1421531836 (ISBN13: 9781421531830)
Stepping On Roses
review 1: Huh... well of course Soichiro isn't going to really be a bad guy... of COURSE it is his horrible, heartbreaking past that made him this way.... the manga-ka wrote something about how this story was going to be stereotypical because she likes this kind of stereotypical story... and she wasn't kidding!Despite that, I'm still enjoying it. Unfortunately the library copy was missing a handful of pages. Someone before hand had torn out nearly all the chapter splash pages and some other random pages, so I missed a couple of pieces of the story. UGH! Jackasses. I have no doubts as to how this series with end (especially since it's a "stereotypical story"), but I'll enjoy the fun fashions as I get to the end.
review 2: It's hard keeping the chapters and volumes straigh
... moret, but I believe this one involves the heroine and the man she actually loves. She met him when she was still poor; he gave her some money when she was desperate. Coincidentally, he happens to be her husband's good friend, but it starts looking like her husband married her all along intending for some scandal to take place between her and the man she's infatuated with. She surprises her husband by resisting her feelings due to being a married woman, and as I recall, the end of the volume concludes with the hero saving her and partially acknowledging that he has begun to think of her as family after all.Still a very good story with a likable hero and heroine and plenty of interesting conflicts. less
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so it takes a quick turn of events with the wife falling in love with someone else.
Oops I finished this volume without realizing hihihi...Well, up to volume 3 no?
TSTL girl with 2 assholes. I'm continuing on though.
Still a guilty pleasure.
3,5 stars
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