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The Complete Don Quixote (2013)

by Rob Davis(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 4
1906838658 (ISBN13: 9781906838652)
review 1: A faithful and joyful adaptation of Cervantes' masterpiece that captures the epic's hilarity and heroism in a thoroughly modern medium. It proves the timelessness of Don Quixote and its relevance in this era of meta delights. This is a much more ambitious work than your average Classics Illustrated, with a rough lined and richly colored visual style that invokes the classic, iconic visualizations of Quixote. Great for newcomers and long-time Quixote aficionados alike.
review 2: Can't say enough good about this book. It's beautifully conceived and drawn, a great adaptation of *both* books, clearly designed for adults, but it made for a perfect bedtime reading with my 8-year-old daughter. She cried at the end, but now wants me to read her the real book, in the wo
... morenderful Edith Grossman translation. Let's see how that goes...In the meantime, you really want to read this one. Trust me on this. less
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It's ok for a car-read, but verry long. Good humorous stories of human nature's foibles.
An apt adaptation. Quixote, boiled down to its essentials.
graphic novel adapted from classic lit.
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