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Solitude: Seeking Wisdom In Extremes: A Year Alone In The Patagonia Wilderness (2009)

by Robert Kull(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 3
1577316746 (ISBN13: 9781577316749)
New World Library
review 1: This was a struggle for me. I was looking for more wilderness tied into personal growth and less discussion of philosophy in general. And I don't have a background in philosophy so that is especially where the struggle occurred for me. While each person has decisions to make about the level of comfort they will have on a journey, I wasn't able to connect with the author due to the use of the email/phone/computer system. And also the treatment of Cat.
review 2: It's always important to remember that a person who writes a book such as this is sharing his personal story. It's not something he or she set out to contrive to get people to get deep into the characters, they are the character. Over the past twenty years I've amassed a small collection of books like
... more this one and each and everyone is different and yet they all have something in common. The commonness I've seen is that with so much alone time a person is going to gravitate towards certain ideas or themes. Some go on for page after page of flowers or animal behavior and while some of that is here he hones in on religion\philosophy. For me I began to feel saturated with his lengthy heady ideas, perhaps person to person it would have been more enjoyable but in this format I just wanted to finish the book. I did find the author more honest perhaps a little too honest about some of the things going on in his mind but perhaps that should be chalked up to bravery. One small detail in this book that is so uncommon in it's peers is the detailed list of provisions he brought which was nicely done as well as a full disclosure of books brought with him. That;s a question I always ask in these sort of books and it is rarely answered so two thumbs up for that. Something else that was a first for me was the online web site to see pictures of this venture, There's none in the book but on the web there are many that would never make the cutting room floor if it did include a selection. less
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This should have been a good book. It needed to be much better. ...more to come.
Hooked on South America and survival stories, but this was a bit too scattered.
Very interesting yet surprising to me, who loves his solitude.
In the midst. An interesting read that makes you think.
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