Dinner is always best with friends. Especially friends that enjoy food. Finding somewhere that has a small but varied enough menu were almost everything can be ordered and split between everyone can be difficult. When you find somewhere like that, hold onto it, cherish it, eat it! Wishbone is one such place.

Wether chicken wings or chicken tenders are your fancy, Wishbone has both. We tried several different wings, buffalo, peanut satay and a dry Cajun rub.

Buffalo wings are a staple in most funky joints these days and Wishbone do a damn fine job of them. The peanut satay wings are nice but not something you could eat a lot of, even though they are delicious! The Cajun rub were a special and not on the menu but boy should they be. Succulent chicken in a crispy dry rub, what’s not to love. If you go and these are on the menu, get them!

There’s a couple of different tender options, buffalo and southern fried. Since we already had buffalo wings in the order we went with the southern fried ones. These were awesome and genuinely some of the best tenders I’ve had. Each wing or tender comes with a tasty sauce.

Next up to serve was the sides, again there’s some great choices here and not too many that you can’t order a few. Sweet potato fries, onion rings and jalapeño poppers were all so good they almost out shone the mains!

All in all the meal was great. With different wings and a variety of sides Wishbone is an ideal spot for anyone and any occasion, and definitely somewhere I’ll be revisiting again!

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