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The Stalin Epigram (2009)

by Robert Littell(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 1
1416598642 (ISBN13: 9781416598640)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: The blend between the well-researched, non-fiction elements concerning the characters and the rough progress of the plot in addition to the fictional details of the plot are really what makes this novel effective and worthwhile even to those not necessarily interested in the Stalinist era. The multiple narrative viewpoints that Littell employs, from a circus strongman to Mandelstam himself provide a broad view of how life was affected by Stalin's tyranny and add depth to the book. A particularly successful aspect of these numerous perspectives is the last chapter, which is narrated by Robert Littell himself, as it adds an element of sincerity to the plot which stays with the reader after the book is put down. The literary quotations from numerous works, which are found thr... moreoughout the novel, really elevate this book and allow Littell to create rich character depictions and provide more insight into their suffering. My one complaint would be the sometimes slow plot, which might be difficult for those not interested in understanding the history behind the book to deal with. Still, an informative and thought-provoking read!
review 2: l'arresto del poeta osip mandel'stam per (presunta) attività antirivoluzionaria, la miseria e il clima di paura della russia stalinista, le deportazioni, gli interrogatori, le torture, i processi sommari. le voci dei grandi protagonisti della letteratura s'intrecciano con quelle di gente comune (il sollevatore di pesi fikrit sotman), di cekisti e anche con quella del grande dittatore per raccontare una pagina cupa di storia. (non aggiunge nulla a quel che si sa già ma fornisce una buona ricostruzione e, magari, anche un pretesto per avvicinarsi all'opera di mandel'stam) less
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Novel about the poet Mandelstam. Based on a true incident. Somewhat forgettable.
Suitably depressing. Felt like I've read (too many) similar stories elsewhere.
Poet Mandelstam suffers through the worst of 30's Stalinism
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