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Remember Why You Fear Me: The Best Dark Fiction Of Robert Shearman (2012)

by Robert Shearman(Favorite Author)
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1927469228 (ISBN13: 9781927469224)
review 1: There is a lot of discussion (mainly in the foreword and afterword of the book) about whether these are horror stories. I would say absolutely, just not in a gory "genre" way...more literary and psychological in nature. Anyway, I thought these stories were great and super memorable. Many start out with normal domestic settings, but then a rabbit with bat wings or cherubs with sharp teeth appear. I really liked the story about Santa and the couple who literally give each other their hearts. Really I don't think there's a bad one in the bunch...so bizarre and yet focused on really normal human emotions.
review 2: Like most short fiction collections, this book is a mixed bag. The best stories (e.g, "George Clooney's Mustache") are quite good, but the book is dragg
... moreed down by a number of competently-written but uninspired stories. Making matters worse, most of these are concentrated in the second half of the book. The ebook edition includes a few stories not found in the print version, but all of these could have been cut without being particularly missed. Another slight disappointment was that the stories were mostly dark fantasy with a level of creepiness on par with Neil Gaiman, rather than the truly unsettling early Barkeresque horror suggested by the book's ridiculously badass title and cover artwork. Overall I enjoyed the book, and will keep an eye out for Shearman's work in the future, but it didn't live up to the cover. less
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I love short story anthologies, and this one is amazing. Creepy and a great read!
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