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Lady Justice And The Lost Tapes (2010)

by Robert Thornhill(Favorite Author)
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1617393851 (ISBN13: 9781617393853)
Tate Publishing
Lady Justice
review 1: This is the second in the series of Lady Justice, starring Walt, a senior citizen who decided to become a cop. This quick and easy read is amusing from beginning to end. There is no way that anyone can get through a single page without laughing!The characters are incredibly amusing, yet very real. It's easy to identify with them, something that any book needs if readers are to connect and really enjoy the characters' world. Again, seniors prove that they are more than just oldies who sit and play bingo. They can fight crime and solve cases as well as anyone - maybe even better! Everyone from the first book is here in the second, so it's even easier to jump right in with old friends and enjoy the new case. It's amazing that Walt has become the hero that he is. It doesn't ma... moretter what his age is - he's an incredibly good cop, with an amazing ability to solve cases. Proof that age really is just a number. This series by Robert Thornhill is one that everyone will love and that everyone should read. While it's bound to make anyone laugh it also has good points, such as you truly can be anything you want to be. It's the perfect escape from a stressful day. I can't wait for the next one! - C. Cook
review 2: Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes (Robert Thornhill)Comedy/Mystery Walt Williams, retired real estate agent turned law enforcer at age sixty-six. He works for the Kansas City Police department with fellow officer Ox, a burly 220 pound man with his own methods for bringing in the criminals.Walt is called on to go undercover, not just assignment but disguised as a woman. When mob connections become apparent, his life and the welfare of the community is in danger. He will need his quick wit and talents to bring justice to this situation.Then if this is not enough he comes across some "lost tapes" from a dead rock icon. Soon he is racing for time to solve this crime, and keep the city streets safe. Add the building romance with the lovable and tough Maggie, who becomes Walt's Fiance, it is anything goes in this hilarious caper.Fast paced, laugh out loud funny. Robert Thornhill mixes humor and mystery in an exciting and fun way. Without giving away too much of this book, I have to admit that Thanksgiving Turkey will never look the same to me! I truly enjoyed this installment in the Lady Liberty series and look forward to the next, Lady Liberty gets Lei'd (due out March 22, 2011). I could see this as a weekly series hmm thoughts on that one Robert..... less
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Another great book in the series, I can't wait to start LJ #3!
A good book that also made me laugh (middle section).
Even better than the first!
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