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Afterlife With Archie #1 (2013)

by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa(Favorite Author)
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Archie Comics
Afterlife With Archie
review 1: Our comic bookclub at work chose this for the October book. I'd seen discussions of it floating around on the internet and was mildly interested. Christy used to pick up the digest Archie comics now and then so I was passingly familiar with most of the characters and the idea of taking them and sticking them in a zombie apocalypse sounded hilarious and fun.It exceeded my expectations.These aren't the plain vanilla Archie characters you might be familiar with. They made them more nuanced, flawed, and realistic as befits a zombie story. They way they changed up the relationships of some of the side-characters dropped my jaw a few times. Definitely not the good old wholesome Riverdale we all know and love.That's not to say it went full Romero or Tarantino, though. I wouldn... more't hesitate to have my teenaged daughters read this.The five issues in this trade passed WAY too quickly and I want more. I'll definitely be picking up the Sabrina Cthulhu arc now as well.Even if you don't know or like Archie very much it still tells an interesting zombie story worth reading, if that's your thing.
review 2: A marvelous done take on the archie unverse becoming infected with zombies and Jughead (or as he rightly is called Jugdead, becoming their leader. What makes this comic work and not just become a silly gag is that the writers play it totally straight. this is the archie universe(circa 2013) invaded by zombies. Well done all around, these characters are more 3 dimensional than I ever remember them being. However the last time I ever "read" an archei comic was probably 1978 or so.Good surprisingly brainy (for archie anyway) zombie mayhem. less
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EC meets Archie. A refreshing take on all fronts. Especially like the back story about Mr. Lodge.
Dark, funny and brutal. The gang's all here, and they've got a zombie apocalypse on their hands.
Meh, but i love Jughead so i'm going to read a few more... hehe
LOVED this!
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