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Marvel Divas (2010)

by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa(Favorite Author)
2.98 of 5 Votes: 3
0785131779 (ISBN13: 9780785131779)
review 1: This is a nice concept-book, featuring four self-proclaimed 2nd-string Marvel heroines. It's got a little bit of a soap-opera flavor, but that isn't so over-done that it becomes offensive. The art looks a bit rushed in spots, but it's a well-written book with some nice social commentary. It does a good job of making the point that while the high-profile Avenger types are dominating the news stands there are still a whole lot of other special folks out there in Marvel-land coping with making a living and fighting the good fight... and not necessarily against super-villians. It's refreshingly well done.
review 2: This really is exactly like sex in the city, right down to one of the girls being a writer and another one coming down with cancer. (There is also a pl
... moreayful nod to Sex and the City within the story.) Four female friends talk about boyfriends and their lives. That being said, it is an interesting way to try and appeal to a type of person that would read an old school romance comic or a harlequin novel. It was funny and I did enjoy it, although I kind of wish the plot hadn't actually been borrowed straight from Sex and the City. I am hoping for the next volume they are a little bit more independent and let their own creativity fly. less
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I read this, but I'm not particularly proud of that fact.
Fuck yeah, misogyny!!!! >:(
Sucked. Not horribly.
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