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Annabel Scheme (2010)

by Robin Sloan(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Sloan's brilliant depictions of San Francisco as it is and as it easy could be provide a foundation in reality that make the fanciful story almost believable. Anyone who has lived in the City in recent years will recognize the incubator disguised as an espresso bar. I only wish Sloan had published more works set in the fair city for me to enjoy. Characters and fanciful story are strong, too, by the way.
review 2: I have *not* read her debut -- Mr. Penumbra -- but I think I will, now. This is genre-bending sf in the tradition of sentient servers or computers (which traces its genealogy through Asimov and Philip K. DIck through Marvin the Paranoid Android in THGTTG and goes through to Iain M. Banks's sentient space-ships in _Excession_). I happen to adore sent
... moreient and chattering computers in books, so I loved this one. less
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Mr. Sloan, I am now obsessed with your work. This was excellent--I only wish it were longer.
A brief read in the same vein as Mr Penumbra. The narrator wins it for me.
Loved this little cyber-punkish story - hope there is more to come!
Oh my goodness, I hope Robin Sloan turns this into a series!
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