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Voodoo, Vol. 1: What Lies Beneath (2012)

by Ron Marz(Favorite Author)
3.03 of 5 Votes: 5
1401235611 (ISBN13: 9781401235611)
DC Comics
review 1: Sexy, fast-paced, and a little bit cheesy. I've never read anything with the Green Lantern character before, so I don't know how he usually is...but in this book, he's awkward. Like, he thinks he's cool, but he's really a dork with nothing intelligent to say. I thought the artwork was really great. The main character is not the brightest bulb in the box, either. She mainly uses her sex appeal to get things done. For this storyline, it works. She's a daemonite alien hybrid. It's kind of refreshing to see her bust out of her seemingly perfect, photoshopped body into a huge, ugly alien beast. A good reminder that not everything is as it seems. ;)
review 2: Basically another antihero book in the new 52, Voodoo is a shape-changing Daemonite Hybrid out to plot the de
... morestruction of the world. And she does it by being a stripper. If you can accept that basic convention, the story is okay, getting better as the issues pass, with the final issue in the collection actually making a decent turn in story. But it's overall pretty dull telling. Artwork is the most risque I've seen under DC's own header and for the most part doesn't add much, although it is at least well-done cheesecake. The turn in the final issue makes me curious to follow up, but that's mainly because I already have the next volume at home. Otherwise, I wouldn't go out of my way to look for it. less
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I'm sad the series got cancelled - ignoring all the slutwhoring, I didn't find it bad at all.
Slightly entertaining. Marginally good. It's DC. Shoulda known I'd be underwhelmed.
This was an alright story, but didn't really hold my attentions.
Pretty awesome to see Voodoo out of wildstorm
I loved this!
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