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Talon: Combat Tracking Team (2013)

by Ronie Kendig(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 3
1616266015 (ISBN13: 9781616266011)
Barbour Publishing
A Breed Apart
review 1: Suspense, romance, action combine to make this a page-turner you won’t be able to put down! Aspen Courtland goes in search of her MIA twin brother under the belief that he is still alive. She teams up with mystery man, Dane Markoski, in a very volatile partnership that turns into an undercover marriage. I highly recommend this book to anyone. The Christian theme is subtle and does not come across preachy and there are definitely not any “slow parts” in this book. I am not really into animal lover books, so I was skeptical, but the author uses Talon more as a support character. Though not a dog lover myself, I had to fall in love with Talon. This is the first book I have read in this series, but I have already ordered Trinity and put Beowulf on my “wish list”... more. One disclaimer though, the prologue almost turned me off because of all the military terms. This is not the style of the rest of the book and don’t be fooled into missing out on an exceptional novel. This is an outstanding action packed thriller with a touch of romance. Non-stop action you won’t want to miss!
review 2: I loved this book! I am familiar with this author; I enjoyed her last series. But I am especially enjoying this series featuring military war dogs. I enjoyed Talon even more than Trinity....great storyline, with lots of surprises. Aspen's brother Austin, is missing in action and presumed dead. His dog Talon has PTSD. Aspen has become Talon's handler and believes her twin is still alive. Dane, aka Cardinal, is enlisted in a covert operation to find Austin, but needs the dog to find him. With the dog comes the handler, Austin's beautiful twin sister Aspen. You get the picture. This is a book that both men and women will enjoy....enough action for the men, enough romance to satisfy the women....and plenty of smart plot twists to keep everyone interested and entertained. The backstory on Dane was compelling, and I loved how the story progressed with Talon. I had some problems at times following all the names.....lots of characters!! The book would toggle between first and last name usage and monikers (understandable and realistic due to military setting). From time to time on a kindle it's a bit challenging to figure out who is speaking to whom. That could just be me. I find that on kindles, the formatting is different, and can cause a bit of confusion. Again, it could just be me. Nonetheless, this is another great read by Kendig. Did I mention I read this book in two days? Looking forward to reading about Beowolf in her next book. Of course, that was set up perfectly in this book!! less
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Ronie Kendig delivers another five star read! Great book if you are a lover of military suspense!
Good book. Took sometime getting use to military abbreviations.
Outstanding as always! Can't wait for Timbrel's story next!
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