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To Win His Wayward Wife (2011)

by Rose Gordon(Favorite Author)
3.03 of 5 Votes: 3
TALC Publishing LLC
Scandalous Sisters
review 1: ENJOYABLE ROMANCEI've not read any of the other books in this series, but it wasn't too difficult to pick up on what had gone before. Although this is a period romance it does tend to feel rather modern in the way the story is presented. There are some scenes, and one in particular where even in the present day overt sexual conversations I'm sure would not take place with your mother at the dining table. There are misunderstandings aplenty as well. But then the path to true love is not always smooth.This is a pleasant read with fairly engaging characters. Although the heroine Madison had more than her share of too stupid to live moments. I really like Ben he was a very sympathetic character. There's some sexual content but it's sensuous and written well. As to the plot it ... morewas a tad longwinded here and there. Over all I quite enjoyed my first read from this author.
review 2: Just like the other sisters in this trilogy, I thought I was not going to like Madison's story.Yeah, I admit that it took me weeks to finish reading her story, but towards the end I could say that I liked it. Probably because of the hero, Benjamin. I was glad that his character was redeemed. I just find the heroine a tad bit annoying. Madison likes Benjamin the second, then next she don't. I know girls are fickle-minded and they can't make up their own mind faster than a guy but what the hell? All the things that Benjamin did for her, she would reject it. I know she had issues of her past and she doesn't trust men because of what happened to her but her character still annoys me. LOL. It was perhaps the reason why it took me longer to be able to finish this book. Anyway, I commend Benjamin for his undying love for Madison. And I thought it's so sweet to be in love with the same girl for years. I just felt that the ending was rushed. less
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Gateway's reasons for his actions seemed a little far-fetched, but a fun read nonetheless.
Better than the second book, yet, not as good as the first.
Loved this book the best out of all three!!!
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