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Merivel: A Man Of His Time (2012)

by Rose Tremain(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 3
0393348938 (ISBN13: 9780393348934)
W. W. Norton & Company
review 1: Its been 24 years since the publication of Restoration; at last a sequel! You dont have to have read Restoration to appreciate Tremains new novel. (Truth be told I barely remember it, although it holds a place as one of the best novels Ive ever read) Sir Robert Merivel is now in his late fifties and feels that he hasnt achieved anything worthy during his lifetime apart from the birth of his beloved daughter Margaret. He still retains the affection of the king but change is inevitable; Margaret is invited to Court where she falls in love, the king is in low spirits and failing physically. Merivel continues to attract attention and incidents ranging from the ludicrous to mournful. The book is suffused with a melancholic air as Merivel grapples with the passing, not only of t... moreime, but of things and people loved.
review 2: Just finished this book the day before yesterday.Deeply moving and sad story of a "little man" (but, in fact, the man of some abilities and good intentions) set in times no one would now consider "The Golden Age".Though sometimes a bit graphic, this book is profound and poignant and touching. What does LOYALTY mean to a man? FAMILY? LOVE? AMBITIONS? BETRAYAL? It its own way full of mistakes and bitter losses, the protagonist tries to find his answers to these questions, and the one final question we all ask ourselves: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS LIFE?Did Sir Robert Merivel ever find the answer? Will we ever do?I give this book 5 of 5 stars, though to the "Music and Silence" of the same author I'd give 6.Hope to find more books by Rose Tremain for further reading. less
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A decent and humane portrait of a man in the Restoration. I really enjoyed it.
A fantastic follow up to Restoration. I just love the character of Merivel.
Didn't expect that ending!
Not as good as Restoration
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