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God's Own Country (2000)

by Ross Raisin(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 3
0670917346 (ISBN13: 9780670917341)
Viking Books
review 1: I really enjoyed this, it's kind of like channeling Clockwork Orange's Alex into a small farm on the Yorkshire moors. It manages to walk the tightrope of being very funny, very sinister but also very clever all at the same time. The way Sam picks up on small bits of Josephine's conversation and then re-iterates them to himself is both very smart and very believable. It's not very often you pick up a book that can make you laugh out loud either. If it perhaps isn't as gripping when events start to unfurl then this shouldn't put you off as it's a snappy 200 pages overall.
review 2: What is it about some debut novels from British men and disturbed unreliable narrators? There may be a thesis in there somewhere, if someone could be bothered to think it through!
... moreThis book reminds me of a bunch of others (The Collector, The Wasp Factory and The Butcher Boy, although the latter isn’t a debut) but manages not to be derivative. The narrator is extremely engaging and I loved the evocation of the North Yorkshire countryside having visited there often. Some of the social commentary felt a little forced however, but that said the influence of the urban on the rural formed an effective backdrop to the main story. I would very much like to read the author’s second novel that came out last year. less
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A totally immersive and atmospheric book, one that makes you feel very uncomfortable
Interesting, scary, believable view of a normal persona turning sociopath.
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