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The Edge (2010)

by Rudy Josephs(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 2
1442412402 (ISBN13: 9781442412408)
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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (2010 series)
review 1: At last a story with a believable plot.According to Wikipedia and Memory Alpha this is the second book in the series. However, it reads like the first one. I guess that publishing has the same kinds of pressures as broadcast TV can have, where they feel compelled to release stories out of order.In any case, this was the only book in the series that treated the characters like cadets and did not allow them to venture out of believable circumstances. In this novel we find some students are prepared to take dangerous chances in order to compete and excel in the grueling environment of the academy.In the 2009 movie, we see Kirk meet McCoy for the first time on the shuttle that takes them to the academy. The film then cuts to "three years later," ignoring their time there co... morempletely. In this book we get to see what happened the moment they stepped off the shuttle. We are also treated to see the major characters' first personal encounters with each other.Leonard McCoy is central to this book, which makes me very happy since he's my favorite character from the movies.This is the book that makes me wonder why the whole series could not have been structured this way.
review 2: Poor editing and characterization. Kirk is basically useless. So many irrelevant details that could have been cut out to make way for things that actually further the plot. There's a mystery involved, and being a mystery fan, the reveal was a huge letdown for me- not because it doesn't make sense but because it was presented in a way that makes you say, "So...that's it?" That pisses me off the most because I expected better.On the brighter side, it was a fun read, and I enjoyed Spock and Uhura's interactions although it's bordering on romcom-ish. less
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A fun story set in the new Star Trek universe during Kirk's time at the academy.
I enjoyed this book. It was cool to see Kirk in this light.
a good read. Love Kirk&Bones interaction
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