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Looking Through Lace (2011)

by Ruth Nestvold(Favorite Author)
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Ruth Nestvold
Looking Through Lace
review 1: Not at all what I expected - and very pleasantly surprised! I downloaded this some time ago, but because it was short and the name didn't really sound all that appealing, I held off. Starting off, the linguistics focus kept my attention because I couldn't guess where it would lead. It turned out to have a very interesting twist which the author explored well in such a short tale. I almost don't want to read the next book because I enjoyed the scope of this one just as it is!
review 2: One of the things I've enjoyed most about the advent of e-readers is the return of short fiction. This novella is listed at 55 pages and was slightly over 100 page turns on a Kindle. While SciFi is not my main reading interest and my preferred form of SciFi is near future, r
... moreealistic Scifi, this was an interesting story dealing with contact with another human culture and the complexities of the difference in societies and language. This is a fairly low cost offering on Amazon but well worth the price.The story features a strong female lead character, Toni Donata, an xenolinguist. The other characters are not fully developed as you might expect in a novella. The otherworld humans are really the other main character. One of my criteria for 5 stars is not only an enjoyable read but also when you finish and want more. this novella certainly left me wanting more. less
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The kind of puzzle story I like in sf.
technical but understandable.
Kindle freebie.
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