Reading Response Blog Post 3

Rachel Gold’s book Just Girls is different from any other book I have read before, for many different parts and reasons in the book. I did not expect a few things to happen in the book. For one, I did not expect Tucker in the beginning to say that she was the transgender student, even though it was Ella that was the transgender student. It surprised me because I never though of someone doing this for another person before. The after effects were not a surprise though; a “feminist” teacher (Vivien) that down graded her work because she hated transgender women, her getting assaulted and harassed by other students, and everything else that happened to her. I did not expect Tucker to end up liking Nico, it was unexpected on my part and I never saw it coming. Tucker’s experiences in her Women’s Studies class was a terrible one. Vivien was a terrible teacher, because she let her feelings get before her job. If Tucker did a good job on her work, she should have been graded properly for it, not down graded because Vivien thought Tucker was a transgender women and she, for some odd reason, hates transgender women and still considers them to be “men” even though they’re not. If Vivien was true feminist, she would of showed support for all women, not just cisgender women. All over I thought the book was pretty well written, and it did relate to the world now of days.

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