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How To Misbehave (2013)

by Ruthie Knox(Favorite Author)
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0345545303 (ISBN13: 9780345545305)
Random House Publishing Group
review 1: First off, I LOVE Ruthie Knox! I admit it. I'm totally biased, and I can't help myself. There is just something about her voice, her style, her imagery and most definitely her completely relatable characters that just clicks with the reader in me. Every book, yes, every book she has written grabs my attention immediately. I start her stories, and I cannot put them down.It happened once again when I began Ms. Knox's novella How to Misbehave. How to Misbehave is the first in the Camelot series, and what a way to kick off a series. I mean seriously, Ms. Knox had me at page one! One of the lifeguards called him "the Italian Stallion." A patron had referred to his as "Mr. Yummy."I laughed out loud while sitting in my kitchen next to my twin boys who were supposedly ... moredoing homework. I knew they were wondering why Mom was giggling to herself. Well, I was excited because i knew within the FIRST page of this book that it was going to be ENTERTAINING! I mean, I just finished cleaning up spaghetti dinner, how exciting was my evening really looking? All of a sudden, I'd say pretty darn exciting . . . and this is why you should read this book. It DRAWS you in.Ruthie Knox's characters are so real! Truly, they could be your neighbors, your best gal/guy pals or even YOU. Amber, our heroine, is awesome. She is a good girl, but not in an annoying grate on your nerves kind of way. Sure, she was a straight A student who followed all the rules, did her chores and even attended church regularly. Amber is so innocent, yet she possesses a wonderful sense of self awareness. Amber is quite introspective. She doesn't want to remain inexperienced in life, and in this story we see this want of hers expressed sexually. Amber realizes that if she wants to break out of her carefully sheltered mold of a life, she is going to have to expand all on her own. When a tornado causes Amber to seek shelter with hot bad boy Tony (who she has been secretly crushing on for weeks) the reader glimpses signs of Amber's bravery through her openness with Tony, playing his little game of flirtation, trying to be cool about it and calming Tony's very real fears of total darkness with carefully directed conversation.Tony, oh wow, he steps into the scene and sheesh, it's like you can feel the oh so hot vibes flying off of him. I mean, come on, he wears a TOOL BELT! I love Tony -- again, just a real, normal guy doing the nine to five thing, running his family's construction company, and trying to get through each day. Sizzling hot Tony catches the eyes of all the ladies at the community center he is renovating, and which Amber happens to be the director of. Tony knows Amber is crushing on him, and he likes it. With his faded jeans, too tight tees and Italian good looks Tony is used to this kind of attention. He initially comes across a little as a bad boy player type. We learn pretty quickly that Tony has some real inner self esteem issues due to his sordid past This baggage from Tony's past breaks your heart, and reminds us of the age old lesson to not judge a book by its cover. Tony, strong and gorgeous on the outside and hiding scared on the inside, because he feels he doesn't deserve anything that brings him happiness. But Amber, oh Amber, she sees this trait in Tony because she just is SO SMART! Can you tell I really admire her? Yes, she is young and so innocent LOOKING that our hero anoints her with the annoying nick name Bunny, which of course she detests. Amber, our young supposedly naive heroine, at least according to Tony's first impression, takes control of the entire interaction when our couple is trapped in the basement of the community center. Tony shamelessly flirts with Amber just to toy with someone he sees as a "doe-eyed" girl. However, when the storm causes a power outage resulting in total darkness, it's Tony who come across vulnerably and needing reassurance. Amber assumes control of the situation at this point truly worried that Tony is close to suffering a panic attack. She keeps the conversation flowing, and willingly shows herself to Tony while genuinely asking Tony to return the sentiment. Amber decides to see where she can take this interaction with Tony. What we get as readers is two characters who are surprisingly evenly matched. Amber surprises Tony and herself with her willingness to misbehave, at least initially. She is feeling the connection (lust), and rather than playing it safe for once she decides to just act on her instincts. She's got some serious "sex baggage" as well, but um, oh yeah, I guess that's where Tony's expertise comes in, treating us to some deliciously steamy scenes. Oh, don't worry, he doesn't disappoint! Tony is more than confident in this area, and realizes that Amber has more layers to her than he originally credited her for. Tony genuinely wants to act on his passion for Amber, but ultimately feels he will let her down if any emotions become involved.What ensues is a beautiful story of intense feelings that develop astonishingly yet believably fast between two unlikely individuals. Not too much else happens as far as action or secondary characters, and this is just another reason why I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Knox's writing. It's all about the individuals, the push and pull between them and ultimately the couple they become. I loved this book! I read this in one sitting AT MY KITCHEN COUNTER -- SO GOOD!
review 2: This novella was exactly what I needed today. I'm in the middle of a very dark book, and I really needed something light and sexy to break it up - How to Misbehave fit the bill perfectly. Short enough that I could finish it in one sitting of an hour or so, but long enough that we got some great character development. Sweet, sexy, heartwarming, and featuring some great banter between the H/h - what more could you ask for? Well, more Ruthie Knox, of course! Off to find more of her books...a solid 4 stars for this one. less
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good romance, but it did not catch all my attention...
fast read, well-written, funny.
3.5 stars. Review to come.
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