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Η αποπλάνηση μιας λαίδης - Το χρονικό των Στόουνβιλ βιβλίο 3 (2013)

by Sabrina Jeffries(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 1
anubis - Venus σειρά Forever
Hellions of Halstead Hall
review 1: I am a big fan of Sabrina Jefferies. This book is part of a series but you don't necessarily have to read the others to get the plot of this one however the others are also pretty good reads and so I would start at the beginning of the series. Lady Minerva has had her heart broken and doesn't want to go through that again but she seems to want what she can't have. The man and independence and his love. She fights for it all but she soon realizes that her true love has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. (. Isn't it like a man to not want something until he's told that it will never be his!). I love it when a book starts out with a little history of the couple and how they came to be.
review 2: Historical English second chances romance with Lady Minerva Sha
... morerpe who had been in love with Mr. Giles Masters (second son to a title) since she was a little girl and it broke her heart on her nineteenth birthday night when she had her first and most passionate kiss. But only to have her heart crushed by Giles in an act to 'protect' her from less restrained gentlemen. So we skip ahead almost ten years later with Minerva becoming a spinster Gothic novel writer who has decided to try to fight her grandmother's threats to disinherit her grandchildren if they don't marry within the year. So this is the third book in the Hellions of Halstead Hall series.Lady Minerva Sharpe is smart and hides her heart close but she writes her whole being into her books and only her grandmother and the wild rake of a barrister Giles Masters has read and interpreted her books to see her true wounded spirit. So after a very short fake/real courtship between Minerva and Giles, they do get married with their families around them as well as some of Giles's famous and powerful government friends. That last part was probably not a great idea with the news that comes with them, which will throw down some serious trust issues for the new couple who already have plenty self confidence problems as they both try to protect their damaged hearts.So there is a tiny visit to France where they make a big mistake by not talking out their concerns, but thank goodness there is that mystery of how the Sharpe parents died which brings them together as they get closer to the truth of what really happened twenty years ago when both parents were found dead at the Hunting Lodge.Some surprises although not entirely because some people are stupid and stupid people do stupid things. I loved the little tastes of Pinter and Lady Celia's future story as well as crazy wild Gabe's story that will be the next book in the series. Well written and pretty acurate although incredibly doubtful that a well born woman would use her real name if she was a published writer at that period, because even Jane Austen wrote anonymously and she was only a gentleman's daughter and not from a titled family. 345 pages and bought used for 3euros2 stars less
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This book instantly pulled me in and held me. I loved the characters and the way it was written.
I did not read this book I would not just a axident. opps!
No está mal. Me ha gustado.
I give this book 3.5 stars.
Great as always! Love them!
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