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Surprising Lord Jack (2013)

by Sally MacKenzie(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
142012322X (ISBN13: 9781420123227)
Duchess of Love
review 1: An enjoyable regency love story … that starts with a runaway girl, dressed as a boy, finding herself (oh, my) sharing a bed with a man at a country inn - due to crowded conditions. … Of course this starts the fun of Frances Hadley and jack Valentine eventually coming together after a lot of problems along the way. And as the reader … you find that neither character is quite what they first appeared.
review 2: The Duchess of Love has a ball which sends Lord Jack, her son, running to get away from the young ladies who are attempting to capture him for marriage. A heavy snow halts his travel at an Inn where his family usually stay when on their way to London. The room that is kept ready has been given to a young man by the owners wife, due to the late hour
... moreand the ball being given. Thus starts Lord Jack's travel with the young man who not a young man at all, but a woman running to get away from her aunt and avoid being forced into marriage. I like the way the story stars with both main characters determined that their trip to town, together, means nothing. She is determined to get her dowery and set up her own home away from her horrid aunt, uncaring brother, and useless father. He changes his mind when he sees her dressed as a lady, still determined to go her own way, and have nothing to do with him. No one has ever avoided him in such a way. less
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Excellent and amusing regency romance - very smart and good, more complex plot.
Good book but not quite as good as the prior installment, "Bedding Lord Ned".
Fin trop rapide et abrupte à mon goût.
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