Joys R Us Review!


Joys R Us by Kim Fielding is a brilliant Christmas read following the love story of financial analyst Reece and toy shop assistant Angel. After Reece’s sister Holly asks Reece to queue up to get the most popular new Christmas toy the Daredevil Danny for her son and his nephew Aiden, Reece finds himself in a rather dangerous queue where he is knocked over and thus meets Angel. Overly practical, Reece is very cynical of Christmas but soon Angel brings him on a trek around the city to see the true joy of Christmas.


There is a wonderful chemistry between Reece and Angel. They are very opposites attract and it really works. Throughout they feel like a couple who are at ease in each other’s company and you can’t bear the idea of them not getting together. There was a lovely spirit of Christmas in this piece right down to the Christmas style names of Angel and Holly. All the characters are also very rounded and there is also a bit of  nod to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with Reece visiting three locations on Angel’s instruction to see the true meaning of Christmas.


A very beautiful romantic Christmas read.

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