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Call Me Princess (2005)

by Sara Blaedel(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 5
1605982512 (ISBN13: 9781605982519)
Louise Rick / Camilla Lind
review 1: Blue Blood (also titled Call Me Princess) is the second book in the Louise Rick/Camilla Lind series by popular Danish novelist, Sara Blaedel. It is the first book in the series to be translated into English. When Assistant Detective Louise Rick is called to the hospital to talk to Susanna Hansson, the victim of a brutal rape, she is met with some reluctance to reveal all the pertinent facts. When she eventually establishes that Susanna first met her attacker online, Copenhagen’s police force is mobilised to track the perpetrator down. But before much headway is made, the rapist strikes again, and this time, the victim dies. Rick’s friend and Morgenavisen crime journalist, Camilla Lind is hoping for headlines, but her personal use of online dating is more of an issue fo... morer Louise. Rick’s focus on the case is also distracted by tensions with her boyfriend. This enthralling crime novel touches on the topical issues of online dating, the aftermath of sexual assault and sexual discrimination in the police force. The plot is gripping, with a few twists and several exciting climaxes, but the execution is sometimes a little clumsy and somewhat tedious in its excessive detail. The translation by Erik J. Macki and Tara F. Chase is generally satisfactory, although some parts are rather clunky. As the main protagonist, Louise Rick is a flawed and occasionally quite abrasive, but nonetheless genuine character, and it will be interesting to see what Blaedel has in store for Louise and Camilla in future instalments. Not a breathless page-turner, but still quite a good read.
review 2: If you only read award winning 'literary greats' this book is not for you. However if you enjoy a good page-turner this crime novel has a pretty good plot with compelling characters. The book introduces DI Louise Rick who I expect will appear in future Sara Blaedel crime fiction. The story addresses the inherent danger of online dating and the moral issue of brutality against women. As a fan of Scandinavian crime fiction the story sucked me in from the first page that beginning with a pretty graphic description of a brutal rape. I couldn't put this book down until I discovered 'whodunnit. less
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IT DRAGGED! I didn't finish it; it didn't hook me in well enough. Disappointing!
2nd book in Danish series, 1st book published in English - more to come.
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