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Lost Lake (2014)

by Sarah Addison Allen(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 3
125001980X (ISBN13: 9781250019806)
St. Martin’s Press
review 1: I forgot to add this one to my currently reading shelf. It's taken me a few weeks to read. This book was a much, much slower read than Sarah Addison Allen's other books. There wasn't as magical a quality to it. This was more like looking into a retro type setting, kind of like watching a B rated movie. It didn't get really good until the last chapter of Part II of the book, but it was so good that it made me glad I hadn't given up. It was a story mostly about a young woman reconnecting with family and remembering why Lost Lake held a special place in her heart. It was about how lives that intertwined for a short time never really lost connection.
review 2: **Spoiler Alert**I love any book where the answer to a mystery is: "of course the brother didn't di
... moree in the house fire. He has turned into an alligator and is now living in the lake, and he is the one who is giving the gifts to the little girl who can see and speak to him." That is my kind of book & that is my kind of magic. My favorite was the image of the alligator outside of her window, throwing stuff all night long to get her attention. Then he turns his head with his mouth wide open and looks at her. :)There is more to the novel than the alligator, it was just one of my favorite bits. ;) What a delight this book was to read. Sarah Addison Allen... What an imaginative, delighting, detailed, and lovely author. less
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I've read all her books! Love how she draws you in to everything mystical....
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