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A Bat In The Belfry (2013)

by Sarah Graves(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 4
0345534999 (ISBN13: 9780345534996)
Home Repair is Homicide
review 1: As a terrible storm strikes Eastport, a stranger comes to town, searching for her long-lost niece. But the stranger--Lizzie Snow--also has secrets she doesn't want to share. And she arrives just when the police chief has found the dead body of a local teenager. She's able to tell him that she saw a young man near the crime scene, a man who turns out to be Sam Tiptree's best friend. So, of course, Sam's mother Jake, an amateur home renovator and sleuth, is involved, too. Rapidly shifting points of view rachet up the tension. To my relief, Graves has omitted the tinge of the supernatural that, to my mind, marred some of the earlier books in this series.
review 2: This is usually an entertaining series, but this book was a hot mess. There were way too many
... moreextraneous (and thoroughly unappealing) characters, meandering sub-plots, and a storm that was supposed to be crippling the island w/ its ferocity, but seemed to prevent no one from running about to little purpose. Even the good guys and reliable characters were irritating...Sam was spending time dallying w/ a perfectly horrible girl, and not doing right by his adorable and worthy girlfriend, while his mother keeps wasting time and money on repairs that either never get done on that infernal house...or if they do, something else twice as expensive needs attention. Yes, she finally solves the crime and nearly gets killed doing it....again!!! I'm hoping that it's just me being ornery, or this was just a stinker in the series, but with so many good books out there, this felt like a giant waste of time. less
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3.5--great stormy atmosphere. A bit darker than earlier ones.
so sad I reach the end of this series..
Great entertainment.
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