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A Matter Of Blood (2010)

by Sarah Pinborough(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 5
0575089466 (ISBN13: 9780575089464)
The Dog-Faced Gods
review 1: Sara h Pinborough’s noir, police procedural, A Matter of Blood (Trade from Ace) was published in 2009 and has some internal dates that should have been changed for the American edition. That’s only a minor annoyance in her impossible-to-put-down thriller about a London Detective Cassius Jones was working the case of murdered teenagers who were in the wrong place when gun men tried to kill a gangster. Then he pulled into a serial killer case who not only leaves fly eggs in his victims eyes but writes, “Nothing is Sacred” in blood on their chests.. The third case is personal. His brother is found as a murder/suicide victim and there are clues linking the murder to Cass. To add to the complications are Bright and Solomon who apparently are much older than they seem an... mored are involved somehow in all three cases. They are very interested in him because of his ability to see the “glow”. In this England recession has hit hard and all cops, including Cass, are on the take. In fact, Cass is friends with his mob contact. Mystery fans will really enjoy this first book in the trilogy, because the fantasy elements are kept to a minimum. The other two books have already had English publication and should arrive her soon. Review Published by the Philadelphia Weekly Press
review 2: I've been a huge Sarah Pinborough fan for years now, but all I've read is her Leisure published horror. I was aware of this trilogy, but not until now, not until Ace brought them over stateside (with some gorgeous cover art) and to a local library was able to check them out. This book, the first in trilogy, was well worth the wait and completely lived up to my expectations. Set in the future so near and so dark and so very believable, this reads like an intense serial killer police procedural (which wouldn't normally be my thing, unless done exceptionally well as this was) with something entirely different, much more complex and yet that much darker underneath. This book kept me turning pages and the second it was over, left me desperately wanting to know what happens next. That's exactly what part one of something should be. I'm not a huge fan of series, the only one I enjoy and follow is John Connolly's superb Charlie Parker series, and A Matter of Blood with its darkness and its brooding protagonist and its strong hints of supernatural really invites the favorable and complimentary comparison. No surprise Connolly provides praise blurb for this edition. In a genre dominated by men, it's pretty phenomenal to see a woman (and such a lovely woman...this is not meant as a sexist remark, more to do with juxstaposition, outer light inner darkness, that sort of thing) to totally hold her own and then some. I do miss the horror tales, but Pinborough has the talent and the chops to hop genres with ease and confidence and I'm a fan that's sure to follow. Very entertaining and enjoyable book. Highly recommended. less
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I tried to read this one but I just couldn't get into it. At all.
Took a long time to get into but ended up loving it!
BRILLIANT character driven Mystery/Thriller
Couldn't finish it, not my thing at all
Brilliant in every way. Read it. Now.
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