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Enthüllungen 3: Widerstand (2014)

by Scarlett Edwards(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 2
Edwards Publishing
Uncovering You
review 1: 1 boring star :(What just happened? Nothing, nothing important!!This is a novella series! and this is already the 3rd book and still, NADA! I haven't found anything good about this novel. Is there a way to rewrite this novel? From book 1, the story was 'blah' I mean this is a novella series, you're supposed to excite the readers for us to follow through but gosh, it's the 3rd friggin book and it's just the same shit happening!
review 2: I enjoyed this book a lot more than the second book, which reminded me too much of Consequences down to the video viewing scene. I'm enjoying the ride however in this book as to how Stonehart is mindfucking Lilly. He's hot but mostly cold, says that she should be adored yet tortures her, and gentle at times but mostly harsh. The
... more fact that he is relentless in his pursuits and makes readers feel a strong emotion for him (read: hate) would make his redemption more breaking or her escape/survival more "Yes...you go girl!" Either way, the harsher the punishments/torture...the more our emotions are played with (either hatred, disgust, shock)...so the author definitely got that going.I hate it when authors write chapters and publish it as a book. To me, it's a way to "milk" the readers before the book ends or to generate hype because the book is now stretched. Sorry, both tactics are not commendable in my mind since a good book can stand on its own merits. The next few books does need to be longer in order for the money to be worth it. I'm glad the author is listening however and will make the upcoming ones longer. Thank you! less
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Was hoping it would be released at midnight. It's the 10th where is it lol!!
Loving this series but I still hate. Mr Stonehart.
Thankfully the next is already out!!GAHHHHHHH
FML!!! Cliffhangers should be BANNED!! haha!
So so good!
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