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Percée à Nue 3: Résistance (2014)

by Scarlett Edwards(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 1
Edwards Publishing
Uncovering You
review 1: I am so very disappointed at this series! It seems because it is so short you never fully understand what is going on. Why can't authors just write a book long enough. True readers I believe want to be enticed more than 2 hours. I like a long read with several series of books, at least 2-3. Lots go on. I also like the mind challenge that makes me feel so many emotions and attach myself to the characters. I do not like the stages of this series...I am apparently not the only one since the author is not writing longer ones.
review 2: we pick up 3 days later. an its then that Lily realizes shes been playing this 'game' all wrong. determined to change her fate. Lily makes necessary changes in her actions to gain the upper hand over Jeremy. But just as she let
... mores her guard down and she thinks she has the upper hand. He proves hes always in control.He got me too! Jeremy Stonehart proves more and more he cannot be trust..ever!! There was a brief moment in this book where I thought.. finally! Some humanity if finally starting to shine through. But I was proven wrong once again.Jeremy's evil vindictive side shines bright In this book.. and as sick to my stomach it made me... I freaking loved it!! But i need more.. I'm counting down the days til the 30th... Only 14 day to go...Don't judge me... less
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I still dont get why any of this stuff is happening to Lily i give it a 3.5
Holy mother of all endings! I need the next book NOW!!!
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