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Descobrindo Você #2: A Entrega (2014)

by Scarlett Edwards(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 4
Edwards Publishing
Uncovering You
review 1: After reading the first and now the second book, I am even more upset. I have to keep reading because I really want to see Lilly beat the piss out of this man! I think she should put a collar on him and shock him with it and see how he likes it. What a sicko! Lilly is trapped and makes a deal with the devil in order to save her life. Jeremy Stonehart is a serious head case. This book contains a rape scene that I am still shocked about! This is a troubling story and the author is taking the readers on a journey of this young woman. She had her whole future ahead of her and I am so sad for her right now that she is in this situation with this monster of a man. I do not see how my opinion of Stonehart will ever change.
review 2: Loved it! It's hard to gras
... morep how cruel, demented and depraved people can be and Stonehart is very good at being all three of the above. This story really sucks you in.The author indicates that Stonehart has very real reasons for what he's doing. It's definitely not just random cruelty. Well I don't think there is anything that could redeem him to me especially when he becomes physically abusive. Cannot wait for the next installment. less
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Loved it and I want more! I must find out the rest of the story. Very unique and twisted storyline.
Holy Shit, these are getting darker and more twisted...I loved it! Review to come.
This is a good book but so short it is more like a novella
Still hating on the story, I mean what the F?
A must read!
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