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Enthüllungen 5: Geständnisse (2014)

by Scarlett Edwards(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 3
Edwards Publishing
Uncovering You
review 1: This book was as good as the others. As I said in my review of book 4, I'm tired of these serials. I want complete books. This one was 2.99 which is WAY too much for such a short book. That being said, it really was quite good. I know the author is reading these reviews for what the readers want in the next book, I have to say this is the only series where I've ever wanted the heroine to kick some hero ass! I SOOOO do not want her to end up with this jerk. I think he's past saving.
review 2: Woah! What an ending! I'm left w/ questions and wonder what Stonehart has up his sleeves next. It's more so a roller coaster of emotions. One moment things are going well for Lilly and than the rug is ripped out from under her. The fact one of Lilly's friends mom shows up a
... moret a event she had no idea would be there. Why does Stonehart get to ticked? It's going to be quite an ending when the next book comes out! This is an amazing read! I recommend it! less
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Never ending drama, I am so mad I can scream. How many more books in this series Jheesh
Twisted dark freaking crazyness!
odio o amore?quale vincerà?
4.5 stars
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